100 Women – North Wicklow & South Dublin



(We are a new chapter, FAQ will grow)


Who nominates the charities?

Group members that want to nominate a charity at each meeting drop their name into the hat, 3 are chosen to pitch. Only committed members may nominate a charity.  Guests cannot nominate or vote. The member chosen must do the pitch and field the questions, preparation is best for your pitch. Find the “Talking Points for Making a 5 Minute Pitch” at the bottom of the About page.


Where should the charity be located?

We are the North Wicklow/South Dublin chapter and our group donations are going to make a difference in our local communities.  The donations will be given to charities/non-profit organizations/worthy causes serving the North Wicklow and South Dublin areas. Defined as: D2, D4, D6, D14, D16, D18, the points on the dart line from Grand Canal to Greystones. Enniskerry, Kilcoole, Newcastle, Newtownmountkennedy, Ashford, Roundwood, Rathnew and Wicklow Town.


Can a member nominate a national charity?

All charities nominated must be a recognised, non-political, non-denominational Irish charity. The charity must also be within the locality stated above.  If a national charity is pitched to the group, the group donation must be for a LOCAL BRANCH and used for a DESIGNATED project/need in that locality.   If there is an immediate/emergency need at the time of the meeting, the emergency can be presented as one of the choices if a member wants to nominate it.


What if I cannot attend a meeting?

Please plan to give your blank signed check or blank postal money order (An Post) to a trusted member of the group to deliver on your behalf or submit by post in advance. However, votes will only be counted based on the women present at the meeting.


Can I still nominate if I cannot attend the meeting?

Yes, your name will be put in the hat and you can submit your 5 minute presentation in writing to be read at the meeting. We will submit your vote for your charity.


Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

Of course guests are welcome!  However, in order to vote she will need to sign a Membership and Commitment Form and become a member first. Even if it’s seconds before the vote!


If my charity is chosen, when can I nominate it again?

Two years.


What if I don’t have cheques?

No problem, you can purchase a blank Money Order from An Post and bring or send it along.


If money order is €15-€30 – fee is  €2.10

If money order is €30-€150 – fee is €2.90

If you are financially strapped, feel free to subtract the fee from your donation, we can live with that and we’re really happy you’re giving!

If you are at the meeting, ask a member with a chequebook to take your cash and add it to her cheque. Just make sure we know how much you donated for the file given to the charity.


Why Should I Join 100 Women North Wicklow/South Dublin?

You believe women working together can do just about anything!

You want to ensure 100% of your charitable donations go to those in need and in your community!

You believe in the power in numbers.

You don’t have time in your busy life to volunteer but you want to help those in need, this is one hour 3 times a year, you can handle that!

You want to be part of an extraordinary group of women who make an immediate, direct and positive impact on the North Wicklow/South Dublin community.


What if the company I work for offers Matching Corporate Donations?

Brilliant! After the vote, the member who nominated the chosen charity will provide you with the information as to where to they can direct their matching donation. Thanks for keeping this rolling!


What if I am a business and I want to join 100 Women?

First of all, you rock. We will be sure to include a link on our website to let people know how awesome you are.  Thank you for helping our group donation have that much more impact. Please send Nancy an email at 100WomenNWSD@gmail.com so she can provide you with information to help you join us as a Dynamic Sponsor!


For a list of all of the 100 Women/Men/Kids Chapters around the world:

Visit HQ at 100WomenWhoCare.org