100 Women – North Wicklow & South Dublin


100 Women NWSD — Invites 2 Types of Sponsors:

In-Kind Sponsors donate services to 100 Women NWSD and help us maintain our girlish figures.

Dynamic Sponsors donate funds to our participant charities and make our quarterly sum that much better.

Note: We cannot accept cash donations – we don’t even have a bank account.



We may have no revenue, no bank account, no treasurer and no budget, but we do have some needs. 100 Women NWSD would not be possible without the good nature of our corporate in-kind sponsors. Here are some of our sponsors…

Monsoon Studios – Monsoon Studios designed our inspiring logo and set up our website. We are forever grateful for their help in establishing our chapter with our best foot forward.

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel – Located in Killiney, this lovely, historic hotel is kindly hosting our meetings in the Fern Room, a perfect location for both North Wicklow and South Dublin women. Thank you for giving 100 Women NWSD a home.

100 Men Ireland – Craig over at 100Men.ie was super helpful. They have a chapter in Galway. They are doing great things in their communities and have inspired us to out do them, who’s with me ladies?



We encourage corporate sponsors to match, add to or just plain contribute what you want to our quarterly donations.

If you are a small local business that would like to donate incentive vouchers/gifts to free raffle at our quarterly meetings, you know, to keep the ladies sweet as they say, we would love to hear from you!


Send us an email at: 100WomenNWSD     @    gmail.com